Discover the excellence of MW armchairs, true gems of high-end design. Made with passion in France, these masterpieces combine aesthetics and comfort, creating an incomparable seating experience. Our armchairs, true functional works of art, combine elegance and durability thanks to quality, hyper-resistant and eco-responsible materials. Redefine your space with MW armchairs, the perfect fusion of art, comfort and durability, and opt for excellence with the luxury of a product designed as a collector's item.

Explore the ultimate in luxury with MW sofas, exceptional creations combining comfort and style. They embody the elegance of French high-end design and a relentless pursuit of perfection. These masterpieces fuse aesthetics and functionality, with every detail carefully thought out for an unrivalled seating experience, combining refinement with exceptional comfort. Transform your living space with MW sofas, a perfect symbiosis of high-end design, superior comfort and environmental responsibility. Choose uncompromising well-being, because you deserve excellence!

Welcome to the refined world of MW chairs and benches, where design and functionality meet. Ideal for an elegant table or a sophisticated office, our chairs combine style with exceptional comfort. The in&outdoor benches offer perfect versatility, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Enhance your space with MW chairs and benches, a harmony of high-end design, superior comfort and environmental responsibility. Choose uncompromising well-being, deserving seating that reflects excellence in every respect.

Our lounges, high-end furnishings designed for both indoor and outdoor use, are custom-made in France. Their unique design, characterized by shape, materials, colors, wall transparency and seating options, brings a touch of modernity, design, light and well-being to your spaces. Each distinct, customizable furniture set lets you stand out and enhance your spaces. Discover MW's 6 customizable collections. We offer the option of sandblasting the walls with the pattern of your choice. 

For outdoor lounges, we recommend armchairs and sofas with PMMA walls, ensuring a lightweight, easy-to-move and extremely hard-wearing unit.

Discover ultimate elegance with the MW range of coffee tables, the perfect complement to your living room. Embodying refined, high-end design, these exceptional pieces offer customization that adds a touch of prestige to your space. Made in France with passion, they reflect quality craftsmanship and durability.

Designed to harmonize lightly with all types of furniture, MW coffee tables create an impeccable aesthetic in your living room. Durable and customizable, they adapt to your unique style, adding a very personal dimension to your space.

Exceptional pieces designed to enhance your reception area or workplace. Our stools combine refined design with exceptional functionality, offering a seating experience that's both stylish and comfortable. Whether you want to create a contemporary atmosphere in your interior, welcome guests in style to a reception area, or add a sophisticated touch to your workspace, our bar stools are the epitome of high-end. Made with passion in France, they represent the perfect union of aesthetics, quality and functionality.

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