Six models, hundreds of possibilities...

Every model in the MW range is a white canvas ready to be transformed to suit your every need, whether as a cozy armchair or a sumptuous sofa.

Open the doors to creativity and become the master builder of your own furniture!

Imagine the infinite options available to you. Choose the style of your cushions, in foam or TPU, and decide whether to wrap them entirely or partially in fabric or leather, play with transparent walls for a touch of modernity, or opt for vibrant colors for a warm ambience. If you dream of unique furniture, dare to be extravagant by having them engraved or adorned with sumptuous gold leaf inlays or real feathers. Your only limit is your imagination, so let it run wild and create furniture that's uniquely yours.

Olivier SANTINI - Designer


Cushions become an expression of your style with materials like TPU or foam, offering tailor-made comfort. Wrap them in sumptuous fabrics, rich leathers, and decide the degree of coverage, from subtle touches to total immersion.

Set up a designer seat with TPU* cushions available in 6 colors (transparent, blue, smoked black, pink, orange and green), or a more traditional seat with cushions in very firm, hypoallergenic and antibacterial HR40 outdoor or indoor foam, covered in the fabric of your choice! 

TPU cushions are available bare or partially fabric-covered, while foam cushions are fully fabric-covered.

*Containing no chlorine, TPU is odorless even at high temperatures, unlike PVC, for example. In direct sunlight, its surface remains cool to the touch, and it is UV-resistant. Highly resistant, TPU absorbs shocks and offers enhanced long-term stability.



It is possible to ask us to make the covers with the fabric of your choice. We stock covers and slipcovers for our armchair cushions in 12 different fabric styles 

LEOBERT-SOSHAGRO (5 colors available) : Vegan and flame-retardant, Soshagro covers are also highly resistant and easy to care for.  

RUNNER-GABRIEL (7 colors available): Thanks to its semi-transparent quality and 3D look, Runner is a highly visual and eye-catching fabric. EU ecolabeled and UV-treated, GABRIEL Runner fabrics are flame-retardant and easy-care (machine wash at 40°).

Tissu Soshagro

Tissu Runner

Available colors and materials RUNNER

Available colors and materials SOSHAGRO

Glass armrests for indoor use

Glasses are available in clear tempered diamond glass and colored safety glass. They can be individually customized, are all signed, and all have a unique identification number to ensure traceability. 

Customization is possible from the first unit ordered. Glass can be supplied in a variety of colors, a motif can be printed on film and inserted between two glass sheets, glass sheets can be engraved, and glass sheets can be etched and sandblasted.

Glass armrests with a pattern inserted between the two glass panels


With its unrivalled 92% transparency and easy maintenance, PMMA is also ultra-impact-resistant, UV-stable (30-year UV warranty) and 4 times lighter than glass, making it easy to move around, especially outdoors, between terrace and shady corner in the garden.

You can choose your armrests in transparent or subtly colored PMMA, but also inlay them with gold leaf or real feathers.

After several years, PMMA can be repolished to look as good as new.  The fire resistance of cast PMMA is fairly low (M4), but it has the great advantage, unlike other better-rated materials, of releasing very little smoke, without toxicity.

PMMA can be recycled, and has the added advantage of being reusable.

PMMA armrests inlaid with gold leaf

MW05 armchair with PMMA arms inlaid with gold leaf. The seat cushions are in black TPU covered with brown Soshgro covers.