A new, almost abstract graphic approach allows this armchair to animate space like a sculpture. Visually powerful, the unconventional spirit of this new kind of seating brings a fun dynamic to new contemporary interiors.

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Elevating furniture aesthetics to an artistic level, the MW02 armchair, with its abstract allure, doesn't simply furnish a space; it sculpts, models and characterizes it. It breathes a playful, refined dynamic into contemporary spaces, creating a delicate symbiosis between comfort and innovation, and establishing itself as an exceptional centerpiece in your interior, or exterior.

Designed using premium, eco-responsible materials, this unique piece not only provides comfortable seating, but also a subtly luxurious and timeless seating experience. The ultimate statement of style and durability, the MW02 chair transcends the ordinary, establishing itself not only as a piece of furniture but also as an immutable work of art in its own right.

MW02 is available either with signed and numbered glass panels in over 100 colors, or in PPMA in three colors: transparent, transparent bronze and transparent smoke (more). 

The seat is available in TPU or HR 40 foam (find out more).