MW05 Chair - Transparent - Black Seat - Glass

"When design becomes a work of art"

High-end designer armchair, custom-made in France

The MW05 combines comfort, design, and artistic creation. A lounge chair that stands out as an exceptional work to add character to your spaces.

The seat cushions can be made of HR 40 high-resilience foam, covered in fabric or leather. The displayed model features a black TPU seat, adorned with an elegant anthracite Runner cover and paired with transparent glass walls, bringing a modern style.

We offer both glass walls for indoor installation and PMMA walls for outdoor installation.

The MW05 is a designer armchair made in France, created by the French designer Olivier SANTINI.

The models in the MW collection are fully customizable. For each of these models, upon request, you can create a completely unique piece by selecting colors and personalizing the glass according to your preferences (printing, engraving, and sandblasting motifs or logos on the glass series intended for indoor use).

Manufactured using high-quality and eco-friendly technical materials, the MW05 armchair by Mojow offers an exceptionally comfortable seat and an unmatched aesthetic appeal to your interior. It will also easily fit in on your terrace or by the poolside.

Technical information:

-Cushions in TPU or HR40 foam and mirror-finished stainless steel tubes of 710 mm.

-Finishes with mirror-finished stainless steel screws and washers.

-Armrests in glass or PMMA.

TPU seating, a revolution in the furniture sector:

 The TPU seat is revolutionizing the furniture sector with its innovative design and unique aesthetic. Composed of transparent and colored TPU cushions, it stands out for its durability and unrivalled seating comfort. Unlike traditional inflatable cushions, these TPU cushions are sealed and pre-filled with air, preventing any leakage. The air pressure, combined with the TPU texture, provides exceptional comfort, while giving your MW a distinctive design.

 Developed for the aeronautical industry, TPU is a material renowned for its remarkable strength and eco-friendly properties. Not only do TPU seats come with a 5-year warranty, they are also designed to retain inserted air over time, ensuring unparalleled longevity.


Data sheet

43 kg
Maximum supported weight
150 Kilograms
TPU Seat with Soshagro Cover, UV Protection, and glass Support
A new, highly resistant, recyclable, and biodegradable material, odorless, and chlorine-free.
69 Kilograms

One model, hundreds of possibilities

Every model in the MW range is a white canvas ready to be transformed to suit your every need, whether as a cozy armchair or a sumptuous sofa.

Open the doors to creativity and become the master builder of your own furniture! ​

Imagine the infinite options available to you. Choose the style of your cushions, in foam or TPU, and decide whether to wrap them entirely or partially in fabric or leather, play with transparent walls for a touch of modernity, or opt for vibrant colors for a warm ambience. If you dream of unique furniture, dare to be extravagant by having them engraved or adorned with sumptuous gold leaf inlays or real feathers. Your only limit is your imagination, so let it run wild and create furniture that's uniquely yours.